At Sunset, from the Rooftop

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Four Peaks, after a Storm

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Friday Fitness Hike

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There were five of us today for the Friday Fitness Hike, me, Marilyn, Bob, Janet, and Pat.  Bob did indeed get a new bird, but he says it’s loud and that he needed the solace of a hike for some … Continued


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Joe came over yesterday to help his Mom with some chores.  In this photo, he was helping his Mom move the futon from the workout room to the new guest room (which is Marie’s old room).

Marilyn’s Photos of Bow Tie Arch and Corona Arch

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I made another pass through some of Marilyn’s photos last night and found a few that I like of Bow Tie Arch and one of Corona Arch. Marilyn took this photo, in which I appear, on our hike out to … Continued

Marie, at the Piano

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She was practicing the Maple Leaf Rag at the time.  She’s beginning to work on The Easy Winners too.  Minutes earlier, she was listening to John Arpin playing it to get a feel for how it goes.  (She listened to … Continued

Tone Mapping in GIMP using the GEGL Operator fattal02

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GIMP 2.8.0 includes a new – well, new to me anyway – GEGL operator called fattal02.  It’s named after the lead author, Raanan Fattal, of the 2002 SIGGRAPH paper,  Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression.  (The other authors are Dani … Continued

Tiger, on the Prowl…

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Tiger wanted to visit the balcony too, so I let him join Marilyn and Marie who were there reading.  He eventually made his onto the roof, and began his prowl. But the roof wasn’t interesting enough for Tiger.  He wanted … Continued

Freckles’ Adventure

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Now that the kittens are gone, we’ve been letting our cats out onto the balcony.  They enjoy sitting on the cat gym that we built for the kittens.  Sometimes, they watch birds as Callisto is doing here: Earlier today, I … Continued

More c2g experiments

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I’ve done some more experimentation with the GEGL c2g operation in GIMP.  I started out with a slightly expanded crop of the image shown in Making Garish Images with GIMP.  I wanted to include more of the sky and some of … Continued

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