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Marilyn, Marie, and I visited Tombstone earlier this week.  After lunching at the OK Cafe, we visited Doc Holiday’s Gunfight Palace where several historic gunfights were reenacted. I took these photos during the performance.

20140310-_DSC6857-medium 20140310-_DSC6864-medium 20140310-_DSC6916-medium 20140310-_DSC6936-mediumMarilyn took this photo from that performance:


The Tombstone Courthouse, which is now a museum.  I think it was worth the $5 per person entry fee.


The Tombstone Epitaph, which also seems to be a museum:

20140310-_DSC6997-Edit-mediumMarilyn took this photo of a tourist ride in the form of a mail wagon.  Note the signs for the OK Corral in this photo.


These photos are from Boot Hill, seemingly one of the few places in town at which admittance is free.

20140310-_DSC7017-Edit-medium 20140310-_DSC7026-Edit-medium 20140310-_DSC7029-Edit-Edit-medium 20140310-_DSC7038-Edit-medium 20140310-_DSC7041-medium 20140310-_DSC7053-Edit-medium


I met Jonathon while I was at the Fountain Park as the sun was going down.  He and his sister were riding their bicycles while their parents walked slightly ahead.  He asked me what I was doing and I replied that I was taking a photo of the sign for the Coyote and Key sculpture so that I that I’d remember what the sculpture was named when I got home.

He asked me if I could take a photo of him.  I said, “sure”.  I set up my tripod and got the shot below.  I showed him the photo on my NEX-7’s LCD screen.  He liked it and wanted me to show it to his sister too.  As he was leaving he said, “I’m Jonathon. You won’t forget my name will you?”  I told him that I wouldn’t and, just to make sure, here’s his photo along with the story about how I came to take his picture.


Marie at Saguaro Lake

Marilyn, Marie, and I ventured out into the rain yesterday, getting out of the car every now and then to take a few photos when the was a pause in the rain.  I got this photo of Marie while we were at Saguaro Lake.