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Sunday Hike – Ballantine in the Snow

On Sunday, Michael, Aldo, Marilyn, Ben, Marilyn, and I hiked the Pine Creek Loop and a portion of the Ballantine Trail. Early on, the trails were mostly clear of the snow that accumulated on Thursday and Friday of the previous week. Higher up, however, snow covered the trail in places.  We hiked 7.7 miles with a total ascent of 1800 feet.

Kevin, Michael, Aldo, Marilyn, Marilyn, and Ben:


After raining most of the day Thursday, we got snow on Thursday night into Friday morning. I took these photos from our yard.

Friday Fitness Hike

Bob, Mike, Nick, Marilyn, Nora, Sara, and Kelly joined me for a 10+ mile loop in the McDowells. We hiked: Marcus Landslide, Boulder, Pemberton, Coachwhip, Windmill, East End, and Tom’s Thumb trails.

Friday Fitness Hike

Ben, Marilyn, Mike, Bob, and Cathy joined me for a twelve and a half mile hike that took us all the way out to Marcus Landslide (starting from the Trailhead Staging Area).

Some of us saw javelina (and ravens) on our drive into the park. Later, during the hike, we saw jackrabbits, coyotes, deer, and more ravens.

Ravens at the trailhead:

Passing through Stoneman Wash…

The pond is looking both cleaner and fuller than normal!

Marilyn, Cathy, Ben, Mike, and Bob:

One of many rabbits that we saw…

Look for the coyote in the lower left portion of this photo…

Owl clover:

We saw some poppies in the park, but we saw more and more as we neared the Marcus Landslide Trail. This bunch of poppies was just off the Marcus Landslide Trail near it’s interesection with the Boulder Trail.

A view from the Marcus Landslide Trail:

This bunch of poppies was just off the Rock Knob Trail in the Preserve.


Friday Fitness Hike

Lloyd, Ben, Marilyn, Diane, Diane, and Marilyn joined me for a 10.6 mile hike in the Dixie Mine Area.  We hiked out on Dixie Mine, visited the mine and the petroglyphs, then continued on Prospector, Bell Pass, and Windmill. When we got to Coachwhip, we turned right; that led us back to the Dixie Mine Trail for our return trip.

I noticed this mossy rock face on the way out…

A view of the mine tailings with brittlebush in the foreground:

Marilyn, Marilyn, and Ben ascending the waterfall.

Owl Clover:

Marilyn takes photos of the poppies…


Heading back on the Dixie Mine Trail:

A view of Four Peaks from the Dixie Mine Trail: