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Fountain Park Wall Mural

Student artists from the Fountain Hills High School assisted professional artist Hugo Medina in creating a mural on a wall in the Fountain Park.  This wall is located between the playground area and the Veteran’s Memorial.

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Aarchway Inn Murals

The Aarchway Inn has two nice murals too, but they’re quite a lot more tranquil than a scene of a giant spider chasing a pack of mountain bikers.

With the right optics, you can sort of see these murals all the way from the Moab Rim.  This shot, below, was taken with my NEX-7 with the lens all the way out at 200mm.  I had to crop it a lot too to get a photo of the motel.  That busy highway in this photo is US 191.  The area behind the hotel is pretty nice though.  There’s an exercise area, a cabana with grill, and some flowerbeds.  If you look closely, you can see two murals on the back walls of the north and south wings of the motel.

Here’s the mural on the northernmost wall:

This is the mural on the wall to the south:

A few of the flowers not far from these murals:

Poison Spider Bicycles Mural

Poison Spider Bicycles, in Moab, Utah, has a great mural painted on the side of one of their walls. My daughter used to be scared of the spider when she was little, but enjoyed looking at the scene anyway. My son, of course, was delighted that his sister was scared of the spider, but he enjoyed looking at the mural too. They would sit outside and look at the mural while daddy was in the shop looking around.

I got a photo of the mural this year just as we were leaving town to go home…

This crop shows the interesting part of the scene:

The artist is Terry Klaaren.