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Merry Christmas


Window Painting 2


This is the other shop window that I painted earlier in the fall. It’s three panels, and took three afternoons.



Snowman Window Painting

Recently, the high school Art Club, of which I am a member, (and presumably the middle school one as well) was asked by some business owners in the town center to paint store windows. The guidelines for the designs were very simple. They wanted something that was cheery and Christmas-themed. I would normally say that it was simply to be winter-holiday-themed, but this is Arizona. Let’s not kid ourselves. We’ve just about finished the project now, and I suppose we’ve done about ten designs, some of which span multiple windows. I only personally painted two designs, though there are several other designs I made that were used. The painting below was designed and executed by me, I’m happy to say. I’m pleased with the outcome, given that I was taken by surprise by the streaky and rather trying nature of the paint we used.

The top image is the initial design.

I’ll take a picture sometime of the second painting I did, which was also a three-panel deal, but took considerably more effort. Both, however, involve circles, which honestly take up most of the time; the second most laborious task is probably going over the colored parts in layers to make it less streaky. I was usually spared this, since other people would usually come to fill it all in for me. Planning it all out is important, and was my first task; uneven circles that are obviously not purposefully uneven can really ruin the aesthetic.



DSC05811snowmansketchDSC05815snowmanwindow (copy)


Marie is a Regional Winner for the Lions Club Peace Poster Contest!

Marie told us, in her usual understated way, that she was a regional winner in the Lions Club Peace Poster Contest.  She did this by handing her Mom a permission slip for proceeding further into the contest.

Marie tells us that she will probably be ineligible to proceed much further in the contest due to being too old by about a month.

Here, below, is a photo of her contest entry.  It’s actually a fairly sizable poster that she drew using colored pencils.

Marie’s Contest Poster

Dad took a photo of my art class homework / contest poster this morning…

Marie’s Art Class Paintings

Marie’s Art Class- Hippy Girl painting

Acrylic done in the first 2012 summer painting class. The model that came in that day was named Ivy, and was in costume as a ’60s hippy girl. My father inquired whether I had given this a title yet; since I haven’t thought of anything better, it is called hippy girl.  All in all, the painting is kind of scrubby. It isn’t perfect, but still satisfactory, given that it’s my first go at painting people. Two other paintings were completed during the first five-day class.