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Portal Trail / Shafer Canyon Photos

These are new edits of photos taken on June 6, 2014.

20140606-_DSC3884-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3890-Edit-2-medium 20140606-_DSC3923-Edit-2-medium 20140606-_DSC3929-Edit-2-medium 20140606-_DSC3941-Edit-2-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3971-Edit-2-medium 20140606-_DSC3980-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC4010-Edit-2-medium 20140606-_DSC4043-Edit-3-medium 20140606-_DSC4061_2_2_3-Edit-2-medium 20140606-_DSC4067_8_9-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC4097-Edit-2-medium

Castle Valley Overlook

Marilyn took this photo from the Castle Valley Overlook on June 8, 2014.



Here’s a photo that I took from that area on the same day. Comparing the two now, I think I should have used warmer colors when editing Marilyn’s photo. (I might re-edit it…)



La Sal Loop Road Views

I took these photos as we were leaving the La Sals on Wednesday, June 11.

20140611-_DSC5500-Edit-medium 20140611-_DSC5503-Edit-medium 20140611-_DSC5506-Edit-medium

Whispering Oaks Ranch Macro Shots

On Tuesday afternoon, we walked around Whispering Oaks Ranch where I used 180mm and 105mm macro lenses for the following shots.  Not all shots are “macro”, but I used a macro lens on all of them.

20140610-_DSC5225-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5228-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5243-Edit-medium Blackie:

20140610-_DSC5248-Edit-medium Jaydee:

20140610-_DSC5266-Edit-medium Bella:



(There is one other cat on the property too, but we didn’t see it.  Bella is very friendly.)

I had a hard time getting autofocus to work quickly enough to photograph ants and other small critters.  I “lost” on my ant subjects when it made its way onto the gravel.  I put a rock in front of it and transferred it  back to the pavement at which time it commenced grappling with one of its friends.  I used manual focus for this shot.


UPS Trail – Kokopelli to Castle Valley Overlook

We hiked part of the UPS Trail on Tuesday.  (UPS stands for Upper Porcupine Singletrack.)

20140610-_DSC5000-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5048-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5057-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5060-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5069-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5087-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5093-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5102-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5111-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5123-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5132-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5144-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5147-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5150-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5153-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5174-Edit-medium

Oowah Lake to Clark Lake

20140609-_DSC4797-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4798-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4807-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4809-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4816-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4844-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4847-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4853-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4862-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4874-medium 20140609-_DSC4883-Edit-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4904-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4910-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4916-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4919-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4923-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4931-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4935-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4940-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4943-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4952-Edit-medium

Grey Dawn Kitty

20140609-_DSC4779-Edit-medium 20140609-_DSC4783-Edit-medium

La Sals, Castle Valley, and Cows!

We saw a lot of cows on our drive up to the La Sals.20140608-_DSC4604-Edit-medium There was a good view of Castle Valley at one of the pull outs.

20140608-_DSC4610-Edit-medium We could see the La Sals all the way up.20140608-_DSC4622-Edit-medium Late in the day, Marilyn and I drove the Kokopelli Trail on our way to the Castle Valley Overlook.  We got this shot of Castle Valley while still driving the trail.20140608-_DSC4652-Edit-medium We saw more cows.  I had to open and shut a gate at one point along the way.

20140608-_DSC4664-Edit-medium There were a lot of flowers along the trail.

20140608-_DSC4670-Edit-medium We took these photos from the Castle Valley Overlook, which turned out to be a campground too.

20140608-_DSC4676-Edit-medium 20140608-_DSC4742-Edit-medium 20140608-_DSC4763-Edit-medium

Portal OverlookTrail

20140606-_DSC3890-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3899-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3914-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3923-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3929-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3935-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC3941-Edit-medium

Shafer Road / Canyon Overlook at Dusk

20140606-_DSC4010-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC4043-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC4061-Edit-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC4067-Edit-Edit-medium 20140606-_DSC4097-Edit-medium