New Edits from June 3, 2013

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I occasionally look at older photos that I’ve taken, either to process some that I hadn’t worked yet, or to see how my current workflow compares to results from an earlier workflow. These shots were taken on June 3, 2013, … Continued

Courthouse Towers / Park Avenue

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New edits of photos taken on June 7, 2013.

Devil’s Garden, 2013

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More photos taken during our hike at Devil’s Garden (in Arches National Park) on June 5, 2013. Some of these are re-edits. Some are photos I hadn’t previously processed. These were practice for proficiency with the PPW. I tried to … Continued

Navajo Arch

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This is a new edit of a photo of Navajo Arch, taken in June of 2013.

Turret Arch through the North Window

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This is a new edit of a photo that I took in June of 2013.  It shows Turret Arch through the North Window of the Spectacles.  These formations are in Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah.

The “Dead Horse” at Dead Horse Point State Park

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When we visited Dead Horse Point State Park last summer, I encountered an Asian gentleman who was walking around the view area asking other visitors if they knew where the “dead horse” was.  I explained to him that the park … Continued

Long Canyon Overlook

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This is a re-edit of one of the photos from the Long Canyon post.  I used Luminosity masks in Photoshop while editing this photo to help increase contrast and saturation.  I had been using them for a while in GIMP too, … Continued

Marilyn on the Klondike Bluffs Trail

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Long Canyon

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On June 6, during our visit to the Moab area, we drove up Long Canyon on our way to Dead Horse Point State Park. This is Jug Handle Arch.  It’s visible just after turning off of 279 into Long Canyon. … Continued

Marie’s Self Portrait at Dead Horse Point State Park (and other photos too)

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On June 6, we visited Dead Horse Point State Park.  Marie took a lot of photos while she was there, but I found her people photos to be most intriguing. I especially like her self portrait.  As I was lightening … Continued

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