Marie’s Self Portrait at Dead Horse Point State Park (and other photos too)

On June 6, we visited Dead Horse Point State Park.  Marie took a lot of photos while she was there, but I found her people photos to be most intriguing.

I especially like her self portrait.  As I was lightening up the shadows on her face, I noticed that there was an interesting reflection in her sunglasses.  I decided to crop the photo, so that this reflection would gain prominence.

20130606-DSC02601-mediumBelow are the rest of her “street photography” style photos from this area:

20130606-DSC02508-medium 20130606-DSC02517-medium 20130606-DSC02529-medium 20130606-DSC02541-medium 20130606-DSC02550-medium 20130606-DSC02622-medium