On June 6, during our visit to the Moab area, we drove up Long Canyon on our way to Dead Horse Point State Park.

This is Jug Handle Arch.  It’s visible just after turning off of 279 into Long Canyon.  (Actually, I think it’s visible from 279, also known as Potash Road, as well.)

20130606-DSC00054-medium A view of what’s ahead from where we parked to look at Jug Handle Arch.20130606-DSC00060-medium 20130606-DSC00069-medium We passed this strange looking pinnacle as we proceeded up Long Canyon.

20130606-DSC00096-medium We stopped several times on our way up to take photos.  This is a photo of our truck on the road.

20130606-DSC00105-mediumElevation is gained (or lost) very quickly in a few of the sections with switchbacks.  We stopped on a wide section of road just beyond one of the switchbacks.

20130606-DSC00132-medium 20130606-DSC00135-medium 20130606-DSC00144-medium 20130606-DSC00150_1_2-mediumThe only other traffic we saw along this stretch was this red jeep:

20130606-DSC00210-medium 20130606-DSC00234-medium 20130606-DSC00240-medium

We stopped again just after driving under – yes, under – a large boulder that’s fallen across the trail.   Here’s a view looking up the trail after passing the fallen boulder.


Here are several views of the boulder and the area around it.

20130606-DSC00252-Edit-medium 20130606-DSC00267-medium 20130606-DSC00270-medium 20130606-DSC00298-Edit-medium 20130606-DSC00303-medium 20130606-DSC00308-medium

The boulder is visible to the right of the truck in this photo too.  We pulled up well past the boulder in case if anyone else came along.


At the top, there’s a place to pull out.  There are some good views from this area.

20130606-DSC00318-medium 20130606-DSC00342-medium 20130606-DSC00345-medium 20130606-DSC00519-medium


Here are some of Marilyn’s photos from the same trip:

20130606-DSC04648-medium 20130606-DSC04654-medium 20130606-DSC04660-medium 20130606-DSC04677-medium 20130606-DSC04686-medium 20130606-DSC04689-medium 20130606-DSC04701-medium 20130606-DSC04727-medium 20130606-DSC04762-medium 20130606-DSC04809-medium 20130606-DSC04878-medium 20130606-DSC04884-medium 20130606-DSC04887-medium