These are photos from my hike with Marilyn through the Devil’s Garden at Arches National Park.

We saw these white flowers near the trailhead.
2013-06-05-DSC09446-medium A sandstone fin, one of many in the area:

2013-06-05-DSC09488-mediumThese are prickly pear flowers.  The prickly pear plants that we saw appeared to be smaller than the ones that we’re accustomed to seeing in Arizona.

The trail passes under (or by) this interesting Juniper tree.  The wide angle lens that I used for some of these shots really helped to capture the scope of the tree.


Another fin.  The trail follows a sandy course between the fin in the middle and the one to the right.  It then climbs the fin, forcing the hiker to make a traverse that’s kind of high up on sloping sandstone.  This is probably the most difficult section of the hike.2013-06-05-DSC09575-medium

More fins.  We chatted with the guy walking up alongside the fin for a while.  He’s an ex-NYPD officer who’s now living in Florida.


A view of some of the fins that are past the Double-O Arch.  I have some Double-O Arch photos, but I won’t post them because Marilyn has some which are better.  I’ll post at least one of hers once I get around to processing them.


This is Navajo Arch:

2013-06-05-DSC09864-medium This is a wall that you pass on the way to and from Navajo Arch:

2013-06-05-DSC09873-medium Partition Arch:


This is a view from the large sloping ledge on the other side of Partition Arch.2013-06-05-DSC09929-medium

Two views of Landscape Arch: