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Butcher Jones Trail

Marilyn, Joe, and I hiked the Butcher Jones Trail near Saguaro Lake last Saturday.  The trail follows the contours of the Saguaro Lake shoreline for much of its length.

The trail is wide with touristy informational signs at the beginning.

A view of a section of beach and a cliff near the parking area:

Another view of the lake and its rugged shoreline.

Waterfowl in the lake and a hillside full of saguaros and other desert vegetation.  If you look closely, you can see the trail following the lower contours of the hill.

We saw a lot of boats on the water during our hike…

A view of Four Peaks:

The view kept changing slightly as we hiked.  Here’s another view of the cliff and hills along the lake.

A look back at where we had started.  Butcher Jones Recreation Area, where we parked is at the far left.  The trail mostly snakes along the shoreline.  It’s visible in several places in this photo.  A 4WD drive road is also visible in this photo.

We came to a place were we could see the Flatiron in the Superstitions framed by the canyon walls of the lake.

I got out my tripod and zoom lens for this shot:

A view of Four Peaks with Burro Cove in the foreground:

Another look at the Flatiron on the way back…

Joe, hiking ahead of me somewhat before sunset:

The setting sun gave Four Peaks an orange-pink glow:

Another photo taken just before sunset:

Saguaro silhouettes:

Fishing at sunset:

I took this photo from the beach of the Butcher Jones Recreation Site, just before leaving:



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