The Fountain at Night

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The photo below is of the Fountain Hills fountain and environs as it appeared last Sunday just after 8:00pm. The image below was blended in GIMP using three of the ten exposures that I took using my Sony NEX-7.  One … Continued


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I set up the tripod today to make sure that the new PalmGrip that I put on my NEX-7 would work with the clamp on our tripod.  (It does.)  I got this photo of Freckles during my testing. One gripe … Continued

Fountain Park Photos

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On Saturday afternoon, Marie, Marilyn, and I visited the Fountain Park.  I went with the intent of scouting a good location to set up the tripod for taking a nighttime photo of the fountain.  I wasn’t sure whether I would … Continued

Crested Saguaro, Revisited

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Several days ago, I took some photos of the crested saguaro near the parking area for the Dixie Mine Trail Head.  While I liked the night shot of the saguaro, I felt that I could do better. So, last night, … Continued

Sony NEX-7 in-camera HDR Example

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My Sony NEX-7 does in-camera HDR.  I used this feature extensively while taking photos during my recent vacation. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.  HDR photos are intended to show you portions of the scene that might not otherwise be … Continued