I set up the tripod today to make sure that the new PalmGrip that I put on my NEX-7 would work with the clamp on our tripod.  (It does.)  I got this photo of Freckles during my testing.

One gripe that I have about the NEX-7 – and I do think that it’s an NEX-7 problem and not a problem with the tripod plates that I’ve tried – is that it sags a bit after adjusting the tripod ball head.  I believe that this is due to flex between the mount plate and the body of the NEX-7.  I think it’s less of a problem when you use a shorter and/or lighter weight lens or use a lens with its own mount plate.

So, for example, when focusing on Freckles, I had to frame the shot slightly higher than what I see in the viewfinder because as soon as I take my hands off the camera, the weight of the lens will pull it down somewhat.

This does not happen with Marilyn’s A77.

In the photo below, Freckles is watching one of Marie’s shoes that I’m waving around above my head.