Park Avenue in the Morning – Four Edits

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I’ve been processing my photos with a variety of software.  I’ve been shooting RAW for a little over a year now.  When I shot JPEG, I did all of my editing with GIMP.  When I started shooting RAW, I used … Continued


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This photo was taken back in June during our visit to Moab. I had visited Upheaval Dome earlier in the day, but was not happy with the results.  Yet some of my photos from the same day were pretty good. … Continued

The Fountain at Night

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The photo below is of the Fountain Hills fountain and environs as it appeared last Sunday just after 8:00pm. The image below was blended in GIMP using three of the ten exposures that I took using my Sony NEX-7.  One … Continued

Sunrise from the Balcony

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I’ve been experimenting with RAW files recently.  For the shot below, I used the NEX-7’s exposure bracketing to get three exposures.  Then, using the brightest and darkest exposures, I adjusted the exposure compensation for each so that there were no … Continued

Fountain Park Photos

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On Saturday afternoon, Marie, Marilyn, and I visited the Fountain Park.  I went with the intent of scouting a good location to set up the tripod for taking a nighttime photo of the fountain.  I wasn’t sure whether I would … Continued

Fountain After Sunset

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I wasn’t very happy with the Fattal tone mapping on my HDR Fountain photo.  I experimented with different tone mapping algorithms and parameters to those operations and eventually settled on Durand.  According to Parameters for tone mapping operators, Durand “produces … Continued

Fountain after Sunset, tonemapped using Fattal

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The parameters for the Fattal tone mapping in the photo below are as follows: Result Size: 1536×1024 Pre-gamma: 1.00 Alpha: 0.10 Beta: 0.94 Color Saturation: 0.90 Noise Reduction: 0.00 I didn’t change either gamma or the levels after the tone … Continued

FH lights at night

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Below is another HDR photo, though I’m not entirely happy with it.  It was taken from part way down Golden Eagle Blvd at a place that overlooks a good portion of the town. I spent a long time playing with … Continued

Crested Saguaro, Revisited

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Several days ago, I took some photos of the crested saguaro near the parking area for the Dixie Mine Trail Head.  While I liked the night shot of the saguaro, I felt that I could do better. So, last night, … Continued

Tone Mapping in GIMP using the GEGL Operator fattal02

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GIMP 2.8.0 includes a new – well, new to me anyway – GEGL operator called fattal02.  It’s named after the lead author, Raanan Fattal, of the 2002 SIGGRAPH paper,  Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression.  (The other authors are Dani … Continued

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