Friday Hike – Scenic Trail

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Bob, Sarge, Linda, Janet, Marilyn, and I hiked the Scenic Trail today.  We all noticed that the desert has gotten brown again…   Linda, Janet, and Marilyn nearing the top of the ridge on the Scenic Trail: Sarge!   We … Continued

Molly, Reaching Out of the Tube

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I took this shot earlier tonight while testing out a new memory card.  We have a four foot (or so) long tube that the cats can crawl through.  There’s a hole in the middle at which Molly likes to stop … Continued

Saguaro Blossoms on the Boulder Trail

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  This is one of the saguaros I saw today while riding the Boulder Trail to the Marcus Landslide Trail. Below is a 1:1 crop of the flowers from the above photo.  I used my Sony RX100 for these photos. … Continued

Friday Hike – Little Granite Mountain

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Friday’s hike was around Little Granite Mountain.  We had gone to the top in December, but this time, we hiked a mostly flat trail around the base of Little Granite Mountain.  Total elevation gain was only around 500 feet for … Continued

Marie at 8th Grade Graduation

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Marie, entering the gymnasium, on her way to taking her seat.   Marie received an award for having a 4.0 average this year.  She is receiving the award from Principal Anita Gomez.   Marie’s art teacher, Tracy Perry, is at … Continued


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Three masks from last month’s Arts in the Courtyard event.   Two other photos from the same event…

WordPress Update to 3.5.1

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I’ve upgraded to WordPress 3.5.1.  I noticed that the interface for inserting photos and other media is different.  This is a test… This photo is from Friday’s Hike in the Tom’s Thumb Area.  (It’s a new photo not shown in … Continued

Another View from the “Cave” below Gardener’s Wall

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I’m trying to get better at post-processing this type of shot.  See Friday Hike – Tom’s Thumb for more information about this area.

Friday Hike – Tom’s Thumb

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Janet, Bob, and I hiked up to Tom’s Thumb for Friday’s hike.  The route we took is a bit different than that used by most folks to get there.  We started off on the Tom’s Thumb Trail, but… After half … Continued

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