Friday Hike: Tom’s Thumb & East End

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Janet, Bob, Marilyn, and I hiked up to Tom’s Thumb on Friday.  On the way back, we took a side trip to hike up the East End, which is the highest point in the McDowells. Below is the view of … Continued

Goldfield Ovens Hike with Joe

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Back in late November of 2012, Joe and I hiked the Goldfield Ovens Loop near Saguaro Lake.  The hike ended up being over eight miles long, most of which was through sand of one type or another. A view of … Continued

“Cactus Wall” on the Quartz Trail

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Marilyn, Bob, and I hiked the Lost Dog Trail and the Quartz Trail several weeks ago.  Bob found this rock wall, below, out of which grew a variety of cacti. We also saw this saguaro with the many twisted arms: … Continued

Weaver’s Needle

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I took this photo in early March during a bike ride with Marilyn.  It was taken from near the Pemberton where there’s a gate restricting access to the service road leading to the Long Loop which is one of the … Continued

More Flowers on the Pemberton

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Marilyn, Nick, and I saw these flowers while we were riding down the new section of the Pemberton prior to the intersection with Lariat.

Friday Hike: Butcher Jones Trail

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Friday’s Hike started at the Butcher Jones Recreation Site near Saguaro Lake.  Nine of us hiked the Butcher Jones Trail: me, Joe, Bob, Sarge, Janet, Linda, Michaela, Nick, and Jen. We hiked out to Burro Cove and returned the way … Continued

Poppies in the Desert

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I took this photo while riding the Pemberton Trail earlier today:

Callisto Thinks She’s Hiding

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We have a number of scratching pads for out cats scattered throughout the house.  Callisto will sometimes try to hide under one of them, but her hind legs and taill always stick out at the back.  This is what she … Continued

Friday Hike: Gold Ridge Trail

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Friday’s hike was up (and then down) the Gold Ridge Trail.  We started at the Deer Creek Trailhead, hiked a short way on the Deer Creek Trail and then hiked up, and up, and up even more on the Gold … Continued

Friday Hike: Marcus Landslide in the Rain

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Janet, Nick, and I hiked the Marcus Landslide Trail earlier today.  It was raining moderately hard when we started – my nylon pants became soggily plastered to my legs within just a few minutes.  But, thankfully, the rain let up … Continued

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