Marilyn, Joe, and I hiked out and back on the Cohab Canyon Trail starting across the road from Hickman Bridge. I hiked all the way down to the campground, whereas Marilyn and Joe chose not to lose the elevation that they had gained while hiking up the canyon.

This is a view of Cohab Canyon from part way up the side trail to the Fruita Overlook.

A view from one of the Fruita Overlooks.

The grooves in this rock caught my eye…

We came across some sections of canyon where the walls had lots of holes.

Looking out from the trail leading to the campground…

Back at the top of Cohab Canyon; looking down canyon.

Joe, Marilyn, and Kevin:

Another shot view of Cohab Canyon:

After hiking Cohab Canyon, we drove up to the Gooseneck Overlook.  This looks down into Sulphur Creek, which carved this channel. We had planned to hike Sulphur Creek on the following day, but ended up not doing it due to the wet and cold conditions.

We then hiked out to Sunset Point, which was accessible from the same parking area.