Sunday Hike – Dacite Super Loop in the Superstitions

Marilyn, Ben, Marilyn, and I hiked the Dacite Super Loop in the Superstitions.

This was an early view from the Lost Goldmine Trail:

Marilyn, Marilyn, and Ben on the Carney Springs Trail:

After leaving the Carney Springs Trail, we went the wrong way by following some prominent cairns. I hiked to the top of a ridge to see if there was a shortcut to get back to our trail. There didn’t appear to be anything easy, but I noticed this really cool rock formation while I was looking around.

Weaver’s Needle:

One of the views as we descended to Fremont Saddle:

Ben and Marilyn with the famous pine tree & Weaver’s Needle in the background:

One of the many great views from the Cave Trail:

Ben spots Marilyn as she makes her way down one of the steeper sections of the Cave Trail.