Friday Fitness Hike

We hiked the Scenic Trail on Friday; we kept the hike short because several of us had other things that we needed to get done that morning.  Bob brought along Sarge and Allen and Janet brought along their dogs, Savannah and Bella.

Sarge (with Bob):20140620-DSC04152-Edit-medium

Bella, Savannah, and Sarge, shortly after meeting for the first time.  The dogs were very interested in each other, but Bella noticed me squatting down and came over to see what I was doing.

20140620-DSC04178-Edit-medium Red Mountain with a very dry desert in the foreground.

20140620-DSC04236-Edit-medium Hiking up the Scenic Trail.

20140620-DSC04242-Edit-medium Water break for doggies (and people too).20140620-DSC04278-Edit-medium Red Mountain, again.

20140620-DSC04302-Edit-medium 20140620-DSC04323-Edit-mediumAnother break.  I had everyone pose for a photo a minute or so earlier, but I like this shot better.

20140620-DSC04341-Edit-medium20140620-DSC04349-Edit-medium Sarge, Bella, and Savannah (with Allen).20140620-DSC04361-Edit-medium