Friday Fitness Hike

Friday’s Hike started from the Wagner Trailhead.  We hiked Wagner to Granite, and went right on Granite.  The group split up in the large wash just past Stoneman Wash (which feeds back into Stoneman Wash).  Amy finished the hike with most of the group, continuing on to Bluff, then down Bluff back to Granite and Wagner.  The short hike was about five miles long.  Those of us who did the long hike made our way up to Pemberton at which point we returned via the Delsie, Wagner, and Granite trails, for a total distance of ten miles.

I took this photo on Granite Trail just before the group split up.  The red flowers are chuparosa.  I don’t recall what the white ones are.

20140228-DSC02756-Edit-mediumFrom left to right are Nick, Lena, Venie, Bob, Norm, Hiungi, Alan, Jill, George, Amy, Ellen, and Nancy.

20140228-DSC02765-Edit-medium A view of the McDowells in the distance.

20140228-DSC02768-Edit-medium A look back up from within a rock strewn wash.

20140228-DSC02797-Edit-mediumA view of Weaver’s Needle in the distance.

20140228-DSC02800-Edit-mediumBlooming Chuparosa bushes add color to the desert at this time of year.

20140228-DSC02806-Edit-medium A flat panel of varnished granite:

20140228-DSC02812-Edit-medium A panorama showing the area we visited.

20140228-DSC02818-Edit-medium The same quartz outcropping that we visited two weeks ago:



20140228-DSC02853-Edit-medium The McDowells in the distance with quartz in the foreground.

20140228-DSC02862-Edit-mediumA view of Morrell’s Wall and Tom’s Thumb in the distance.

20140228-DSC02877-Edit-medium Nick and Lena hiking down the Pemberton Trail towards Granite Tank:

20140228-DSC02898-Edit-medium Dead wood on the Delsie Trail.


We saw a lot of cyclists riding up the Delsie Trail.

20140228-DSC02942-Edit-medium 20140228-DSC02958-Edit-medium