Friday Fitness Hike

Friday’s Hike started at the Wagner Trailhead.  We hiked Wagner to Granite, Granite to the Bluff Trail Wash, the wash to Pemberton, Pemberton to Delsie, Delsie back to Granite, Granite to Wagner, and Wagner to the Trailhead.  Total distance was 9.75 miles.

We encountered this wash on the Wagner Trail.  This wash sometimes has deep sand in it.  When I started mountain biking, I fell while crossing it at least once.


Bob and Sarge:


Approaching the scramble for the Bluff Wash.  (That’s not an official name.)


Jerry, Joe, Nancy, Sarge (in front), Bob, and Janet.  Tom and Michelle hiked partway with us, but continued their hike on the Granite at the point where we turned into the wash.

2013-10-11-DSC00815-medium A view of the McDowells from the Pemberton Trail.


Saguaros on the Delsie Trail.


A small portion of a buckhorn cholla:


We saw a tarantula while hiking back on the Delsie Trail.  I took a lot of photos, but these were the only ones which were close to being in focus.  Clearly, I need to work on my technique – I think I’m taking to long to frame the shot after acquiring focus.  This works for static scenes, but not very well for moving subjects.

2013-10-11-DSC00941-medium 2013-10-11-DSC00957-medium

A mountain biker on the Delsie Trail.