Friday Fitness Hike

Friday’s hike was somewhat over seven miles.  We hiked the North Trail, the Chuparosa Trail, and part of the Pemberton (out to Cedar Tank).

One of the things we noticed on this hike is that we’re starting to see fall colors in the ocotillo – many of the leaves had turned a golden yellow color.


We saw more flowers this week too!


Another golden ocotillo…


Linda, Janet, and Nancy examine an unusual saguaro.  Most saguaros do not have arms so close to the ground.  We thought it interesting, too, that there’s a fairly small arm near the ground.

2013-10-04-DSC00357-1-medium We saw a rattlesnake sunning itself on the trail.

2013-10-04-DSC00375-medium Linda and Michelle hiking the Pemberton Trail:

2013-10-04-DSC00390-medium We saw a lone equestrian riding her horse on the 168th St Spur.

2013-10-04-DSC00402-medium 2013-10-04-DSC00405-medium

Yet another golden ocotillo with Four Peaks at the far right, in the background.2013-10-04-DSC00414-medium An interesting saguaro on the North Trail.


Looking up at the saguaro in the previous picture: