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Friday Fitness Hike

For Friday’s hike, Linda, Amy, Bill, Kathy, and I met at the Trailhead Staging Area.  The five of us hiked the Scenic Trail.  After that, Linda and I continued on and explored Stoneman Wash.

Equestrians saddle their horses just before sunrise.


Sunrise in the rear window of my F-150; the moon is still on its way to setting just over the cab.

2013-09-20-DSC08932-mediumA view from the Scenic Trail early in the hike.


Linda, Bill, Kathy, and Amy hike up the one substantial hill on the Scenic Trail.  It’s only about 200 feet of elevation gain.

2013-09-20-DSC08962-mediumThe view from partway up the hill.  Amy suggested we stop for water; good thing we did, or I would have missed this picture!


Another view from approximately the same location.

2013-09-20-DSC08983-mediumA petroglyph can be seen along the trail.

2013-09-20-DSC09013-medium Another “scenic” view from the Scenic Trail.

2013-09-20-DSC09031-medium A view from the Pemberton, shortly before crossing the road:


A view of a small feeder wash to Stoneman Wash.  This can be seen from the Pemberton just before descending a short hill leading down into (and across) Stoneman Wash.


Dried and cracked clay near the former clay mining test site.  I wouldn’t have thought to take this photo, but I saw Linda photographing it with her camera, so I decided to give it a try too.

2013-09-20-DSC09102-medium Another view of Red Mountain.


A palo verde at the top of a small bluff along Stoneman Wash.


The same bluff as above, viewed from a short ways further up the wash:


A large palo verde tree in Stoneman Wash:


Linda poses next to a large saguaro.  It really was leaning that much.

2013-09-20-DSC09255-medium A bright yellow flower with a small white spider in the tortoise enclosure.  We looked for tortoises in the enclosure, but did not see any.


The Great Arrow (from another angle)

Another shot of The Great Arrow by sculptor Michael Jones.  I posted another photo of this work using a wide angle lens.  In that photo, I was just outside the door of the Community Center.  In this one, I’ve over by the library, looking back among and between the lights.


Chauncey the Rabbit

This sculpture is Chauncey the Rabbit, by Jim Budish.  It was donated in 2004 by Jackie and Jerry Miles.  Chauncey resides in front of the Fountain Hills Library.


The photo, below, was my original edit.  I showed it to Linda – she thought that the background distracted from the subject of the photo, which is supposed to be the sculpture of the rabbit.  So I created a new version, above, which uses an out-of-focus background in addition to making the background a lot darker, which helps to emphasize the subject.

I still like the photo below.  In the full size version, it’s possible to zoom in and read titles of the books in the library.  It’s also closer to how the scene looked when I shot it.


Circle of Peace

Circle of Peace was created by sculptor Gary Price. According to the page for this work at the Fountain Hills Public Art site, it was donated in 2007 by the Fountain Hills Realtors and Friends.


Marilyn helped me with this photo.  It was composed from eighteen different exposures.  I took five or six shots without flash to get the fountain and background at a number of different exposure levels, but only used one of them for the result above.  We took twenty shots of the sculpture, but I only ended up using seventeen of them.  I carried the flash stand around the artwork to illuminate it from different angles while Marilyn triggered the shutter with the remote.  (It’s best not to touch the camera in between exposures.)  I used the “Lighten Only” layer mode to combine all of the flash-lit exposures and then used the usual blending techniques to combine those with the background.

A Letter from Grandma

The work, titled A Letter from Grandma, was created by sculptor Marianne Caroselli. According to the Fountain Hills Public Art page for this sculpture, it was “donated to the Town of Fountain Hills by a number of doting grandparents” in 2008.


Potato Man

Potato Man was sculpted by Susan Geissler.  It was donated in 2008 by Tom and Tina Duffy in loving memory of Martin and Virginia Duffy.


Need A Lift

This work, by Randy Hand, is titled Need A Lift.  (It’s called The Lifting Bench at the artist’s site.)  According to the placard, it was installed in 2009 and was made possible by donations from the Fountain Hills One Percent For Public Art Fund and the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association.

It’s a piece of functional art in that it can be used as a bench.


Joy of Music

This sculpture is Joy of Music by George Lundeen.  It was donated in 2007 by Jackie and Jerry Miles to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.


Good News

This sculpture, titled Good News, was created by George Lundeen.  It depicts a paper boy in the company of his faithful and loving dog.  It was donated in 2012 in honor of L. Alan Cruikshank, celebrating his 65th birthday, by numerous family and friends.


The Enduring Family

The Enduring Family was created by sculptor Jeff Laing.  It can be seen at the east side of the community center courtyard.  It was donated in 2003 by The Fountain Hills Civic Association, The Sunridge Foundation, and eight other contributors (see below).

2013-09-12-DSC08331-mediumHere is a close-up of the placard, showing all of the donators.