Friday Fitness Hike

For Friday’s hike, Linda, Amy, Bill, Kathy, and I met at the Trailhead Staging Area.  The five of us hiked the Scenic Trail.  After that, Linda and I continued on and explored Stoneman Wash.

Equestrians saddle their horses just before sunrise.


Sunrise in the rear window of my F-150; the moon is still on its way to setting just over the cab.

2013-09-20-DSC08932-mediumA view from the Scenic Trail early in the hike.


Linda, Bill, Kathy, and Amy hike up the one substantial hill on the Scenic Trail.  It’s only about 200 feet of elevation gain.

2013-09-20-DSC08962-mediumThe view from partway up the hill.  Amy suggested we stop for water; good thing we did, or I would have missed this picture!


Another view from approximately the same location.

2013-09-20-DSC08983-mediumA petroglyph can be seen along the trail.

2013-09-20-DSC09013-medium Another “scenic” view from the Scenic Trail.

2013-09-20-DSC09031-medium A view from the Pemberton, shortly before crossing the road:


A view of a small feeder wash to Stoneman Wash.  This can be seen from the Pemberton just before descending a short hill leading down into (and across) Stoneman Wash.


Dried and cracked clay near the former clay mining test site.  I wouldn’t have thought to take this photo, but I saw Linda photographing it with her camera, so I decided to give it a try too.

2013-09-20-DSC09102-medium Another view of Red Mountain.


A palo verde at the top of a small bluff along Stoneman Wash.


The same bluff as above, viewed from a short ways further up the wash:


A large palo verde tree in Stoneman Wash:


Linda poses next to a large saguaro.  It really was leaning that much.

2013-09-20-DSC09255-medium A bright yellow flower with a small white spider in the tortoise enclosure.  We looked for tortoises in the enclosure, but did not see any.