Four of us met for the fitness hike today in McDowell Mountain Park: Bob, Linda, Janet, and me.  Starting at the Wagner Trailhead, we hiked Wagner to Granite where we turned right.  We then hiked to the large wash that must be crossed three quarters of a mile or so before coming to the Bluff Trail.  This wash feeds into Stoneman Wash, but we turned “upstream” and hiked up the wash until we came to the Pemberton.  We then took Pemberton over to Bluff and Bluff back to Granite.  From there, we hiked back to the Wagner Trail which took us back to our vehicles.  Total distance hiked was a little over seven miles.

We had cloud cover today which kept the temperatures down.  A light breeze also helped to keep us cool.  The clouds highlighted rays emanating from the sun, producing interesting colors too.

Here is a photo of the wash that we hiked just after leaving the Granite Trail.  The colors are kind of funky due to the mode set on the camera.

Here is a photo of Bob, Janet, and Linda:

Here’s another photo of the sky.  Four Peaks can be seen at the right in this photo.