Sunday Hike – See Canyon Trail #184

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Marilyn and I hiked out and back on See Canyon Trail #184.  The round trip distance is only about seven miles, but it has an elevation gain of over 1800 feet.

Conditions were cool and wet when we started. Foliage encroaching upon the trail made our legs and feet wet. Brushing up against small trees or brush would cause localized rainfall as leaves shed their moisture.

There were no expansive views on this hike, only views of forest with occasional glimpses of the rim or sides of the canyon through the trees.  But, even so, there were some interesting things to see along the way.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I wouldn’t have guessed – by looking at the pics – that this spot is in AZ. Looks more like the Midwest.

  2. Beautiful photos! Especially this last one of the butterflies and you saw some fall foliage color! Many wouldn’t believe areas like this exist in AZ.

  3. jon leverenz

    Very nice. Where is See Canyon?

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