Friday Fitness Hike

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Starting from the Trailhead Staging Area, I hiked a six mile loop: Pemberton, Scenic, Cinch, Escondido, Shallmo Wash, and Pemberton. The temperature was in the mid to upper eighties when I started and the low nineties when I finished.  I’m definitely not quite acclimated to these conditions yet – I was happy that I kept the hike short today.

Early morning on the Pemberton Trail:

I saw this snake on the Pemberton shortly before turning off onto Scenic. I heard a bike in the distance and waited until it passed to make sure that the snake didn’t get run over.

A view of Red Mountain from the Scenic Trail:

A view of Four Peaks from the Scenic Trail:

I saw this lichen covered rock on the Scenic Trail:

A view from the Shallmo Wash Trail:

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  1. Janet Porter

    Not quite as green as the last time we were out there. But the desert is still a beautiful place. Great shots. Thanks for sharing. Miss you guys!

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin. What type of snake is that?

  3. jon leverenz

    Looks ho and dry. It should.

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