Friday Fitness Hike

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Nora, Mike, and I hiked 8.3 miles starting from the Horse Staging Area.

Sunrise at the Horse Staging Area:


Buckwheat in front of buckhorn cholla:


San Filipe Dogweed:

Buckhorn cholla:

A view from the Pemberton Trail:

Arizona Blister Beetle:

Mike and Nora:

A view of Four Peaks from the Tonto Tank Trail:

A view of Red Mountain from the Shallmo Wash Trail:

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  1. Susan Davis

    Just love that opening shot!!! And a great close-up of a blister bug. I got one of that ‘nasty’ bug copulating:) (couldn’t help but invade its/their privacy) 🙂

  2. jon leverenz

    You have got the golden touch.

  3. Miss you all! Love the pictures and that was a great one of the blister bug!

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