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Little Granite Mountain

I took these photos while riding with Nick and Marilyn and Little Granite Mountain.

A view from the Bootlegger Trail:


The Bootlegger Trail wends its way in between some large rocks:


This large boulder is called Balanced Rock.  (There’s a more famous rock formation also called Balanced Rock in Arches National Park.)20131116-DSC01127-medium Another view of Balanced Rock:

20131116-DSC01139-medium The view as we hiked back down to our bikes:

20131116-DSC01156-medium Nick enjoys the view from the Granite Mountain Loop Trail.20131116-DSC01169-medium Another view from the same location.  The prominent boulder at the top of the rocky hill is called the “Pasta Pinnacle”.  The “Lost Bandana Area” is behind that hill.


Sunday Morning Clouds

I took these photos Sunday morning during our bike ride.  There were a lot of clouds with a chance or rain.

I think these are the first photos that I’ve posted which were taken with the RX100M2.  It’s a pocket sized camera from Sony.  The cool thing about it is that it has a multi-interface hot shoe.  This not only allows you to attach standard flashes, but also Sony-specific accessories as well.  I’ve equipped mine with an electronic viewfinder.  A viewfinder is really nice for taking photo outdoors in bright conditions, though it’s quite a lot bigger with the viewfinder attached.

Sunrise as seen from the Wagner Trailhead.  Four Peaks is partially obscured by rays of sun bursting out of the clouds.

2013-09-22-DSC00083-medium I think this photo was taken from near the bench at the top of the Bluff Trail.

2013-09-22-DSC00128-medium A view of the McDowells from the top of the Bluff Trail.

2013-09-22-DSC00134-medium This photo was taken near the Sven’s Slab climbing area.  Tom’s Thumb can be seen in the distance.2013-09-22-DSC00149-medium

Sunday Bike Ride Photos

Clayton, Mary, Marilyn, and I went for a bike ride today.  We rode out Pemberton, up Tonto Tank, over on Pemberton (again), and then up Coachwhip to the Windmill Trail.  Mary, Clayton, and I rode out to the actual windmill and then turned around where we met up with Marilyn who had just gotten to the top of the Coachwhip Trail.  I took these photos on the way down the Coachwhip.

2013-08-11-DSC03902-medium2013-08-11-DSC03910-medium 2013-08-11-DSC03912-medium


This one, below, is just a crop of the one above.



Sunday Bike Ride Photos

Marilyn and I rode our bikes on Sunday morning.  I rode up the Tonto Tank Trail to try to get a sunrise photo from a location I had scouted earlier, but I’m not happy with it.  I should have gotten there earlier and had my 50mm lens with me.  I brought my NEX-7 with a 35mm lens; I had never tried to ride with my NEX-7 before.  I had to make some minor adjustments to the harness of my Think Tank Digital Holster in order to ride comfortably.  I initially had it too low and it interfered with pedaling.

I finished riding up Tonto Tank and met Marilyn on the Pemberton:


I tried, unsuccessfully, to get Marilyn to ride up the Boulder Trail with me.  The Boulder Trail leads to the Marcus Landslide Trail.  It’s very pretty up there, but it has more elevation gain than Marilyn was willing to do.  I took this photo on my way up the Boulder Trail.


A photo of a large boulder on the Boulder Trail:


This boulder was on the Marcus Landslide Trail.


I met up with Marilyn at the intersection of Bluff and Pemberton.  We continued on Pemberton where I got this photo of the crested saguaro near Granite Tank.



A closer look at the crested saguaro and its companion to the right.  Both saguaros have fire damage from the Rio Fire back in the 90s.  Damage on the crested saguaro is not as evident on this side as it is on the other side.


This large, multi-armed saguaro can be seen off to the south along the new section of Pemberton.


Biking at the Competitive Track

Bob, Marilyn, and I went out early to ride the Competitive Tracks at McDowell Mountain Park.

Just before sunrise:

2013-07-07-DSC03659-mediumMarilyn and Bob ride to the top of the first big hill on the Sport Loop:

2013-07-07-DSC03669-mediumNegotiating some S-curves:

2013-07-07-DSC03687-medium 2013-07-07-DSC03696-medium


Bob, near the end of the Sport Loop:



Marilyn, on the Technical Loop:

2013-07-07-DSC03718-mediumThis snake was lying across the trail on the technical loop.  I got three shots of it prior to turning around and slithering off.





Sunrise on the Pemberton

I took this during an early morning bike ride.


Later on, I saw this coyote:



Saguaro Blossoms on the Boulder Trail


This is one of the saguaros I saw today while riding the Boulder Trail to the Marcus Landslide Trail.
2013-05-26-DSC09904-mediumBelow is a 1:1 crop of the flowers from the above photo.  I used my Sony RX100 for these photos.  ISO 125, f/9, 1/250 sec with a (35mm) equivalent focal length of 100mm.  (Camera focal length was 37mm.)



Bike Ride on the Pemberton

Marilyn and I rode the Pemberton Trail at McDowell Mountain Park this morning.  Conditions were awesome when we started, but got quite windy near the end.  We probably should have started half an hour earlier.

These first three photos are views from the Boulder Trail as I approached the Marcus Landslide Trail.  (I left the Pemberton for a while to ride up in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.)

The photo, below, shows a few of the many boulders along the Boulder Trail.

This photo, below, looks across the slide area of the Marcus Landslide.

This is the same boulder in the first photo, but with Rock Knob in the background to the right of the boulder.  My ride took me down the Rock Knob Trail where I got to ride past that formation.

A view of the Palo Verde tree and bench (and my bike) at the top of the Bluff Trail.  I only rode perhaps a hundred yards of the Bluff Trail – just enough to get up to that tree on top of a small hill which affords a great view of the area.

The newly constructed section of the Pemberton Trail has some interesting rock formations along the trail.  I rode ahead of Marilyn, so that I could get set up to take these two photos of her riding through that area.

Marilyn, on the Pemberton

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