Marilyn and I rode the Pemberton Trail at McDowell Mountain Park this morning.  Conditions were awesome when we started, but got quite windy near the end.  We probably should have started half an hour earlier.

These first three photos are views from the Boulder Trail as I approached the Marcus Landslide Trail.  (I left the Pemberton for a while to ride up in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.)

The photo, below, shows a few of the many boulders along the Boulder Trail.

This photo, below, looks across the slide area of the Marcus Landslide.

This is the same boulder in the first photo, but with Rock Knob in the background to the right of the boulder.  My ride took me down the Rock Knob Trail where I got to ride past that formation.

A view of the Palo Verde tree and bench (and my bike) at the top of the Bluff Trail.  I only rode perhaps a hundred yards of the Bluff Trail – just enough to get up to that tree on top of a small hill which affords a great view of the area.

The newly constructed section of the Pemberton Trail has some interesting rock formations along the trail.  I rode ahead of Marilyn, so that I could get set up to take these two photos of her riding through that area.