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Friday Fitness Hike

Nancy, Linda, Mike, Bob, Jody, Heather, and I hiked a loop of 11 miles starting from the Trailhead Staging Area.  It was “Wash Day”; we hiked Shallmo Wash – the wash, not the trail – and a good portion of Stoneman Wash (along with a few other non-wash trails to get us to and from these washes).

This was the sunrise, taken from the Horse Staging Area.  I got to the park early and stopped there first, before driving to the Trailhead Staging Area.

Shallmo Wash…

A view from the beginning of the Long Loop.

A phainopepla on a large (and very dead) tree branch:

Nancy, Linda, Mike, Bob, Jody, Heather, and Kevin:

Another dead tree:

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