Friday Fitness Hike

Bob, Mike, Nick, Nancy, and I hiked a little over 13 miles starting from the Horse Staging Area.  We hiked the Long Loop to the South Wash, then went northwest up the South Wash until we got to the Dixie Mine Trail. We hiked back via Dixie Mine, Pemberton, Stoneman Wash, and the Technical Loop.

A small hawk – we think – on an ocotillo as we walked over to the Competitive Track parking lot.

A hole in the rock near the “Thread the Needle” portion of the Long Loop. Despite having passed this point numerous times, I’d never noticed this hole before.

A tree overhanging our route up the South Wash…

Nick pointed out the remains of a tree on a bank of the wash:

Another view of the South Wash; some of the banks are very high!

A very textured portion of the wash…

Another section with steep banks…

An interesting rock…

Nick, Mike, Bob, and Nancy on the Pemberton Trail:

Desert Mistletoe berries:

A storm over the McDowells – we hiked through light rain during perhaps the last third of our hike.

An ocotillo blosssom: