Friday Fitness Hike

Linda, Lisa, Shawn, and I hiked 4.8 miles starting from the Tom’s Thumb Trailhead. Our total elevation gain for the day was nearly 1700 feet.

This is Shawn, Lisa, and Linda at the start of the hike. This photo provides a good view of the ridge – just over their heads in this photo – that we hiked towards, and then past, Tom’s Thumb.


Views from early in the hike…




Light rain over Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain. The rain eventually made it over to us. The rain was not especially heavy, but the winds were strong, especially during our hike along the ridge as we approached Tom’s Thumb.

A view of the Rist (at the far right), Tom’s Thumb, and Glass Dome (lower left). Weaver’s Needle is also visible in the distance.20160826-_DSC7009-Edit-medium

Kevin, Lisa, Shawn, and Linda on the northwest side of Tom’s Thumb:


Shawn, Lisa, and Linda on the south side of Tom’s Thumb. It was very windy here.20160826-_DSC7098-Edit-medium

Shawn and Linda amid some large boulders near Tom’s Thumb.


Another view of Glass Dome. The Goat Hill climbing area is at the upper left in this photo.


Yest another view of Glass Dome…20160826-_DSC7140-Edit-medium

Lisa, Linda, and Shawn descend a canyon running below Glass Dome and Gardener’s Wall.


Looking towards Pinnacle Peak and Troon Mountain…