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Friday Fitness Hike


We hiked twelve miles on Friday. Starting from the Wagner Trailhead, we hiked the following trails (in order): Tortoise, Pemberton, Tonto Tank, Pemberton, Boulder, Marcus Landslide, Rock Knob, Pemberton, Bluff, Granite, and Wagner.  (We hiked a short ways up the road when we were done because we were a tenth of a mile short of our goal.)

A view from the trailhead prior to starting our hike. Sunrise was actually about 45 minutes earlier.

A view from the Pemberton somewhat before crossing Stoneman Wash.

A small hill near the beginning of the Bluff Trail:

Linda, Laura, and Nancy hiking up the Bluff Trail:


A large boulder on… the Boulder Trail:


Kevin, Nancy, Bill, Linda, Bob, Laura, Allen, Janet, and Mike in front of a mushroom boulder on the Marcus Landslide Trail:


Chainfruit Cholla on the Rock Knob Trail:


A view of Four Peaks from the Bluff Trail:


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