Friday Fitness Hike

Linda, Nancy, Bob, and I hiked 11.2 miles on Friday. We hiked the following trails: Shallmo Wash, Pemberton, Stoneman Wash, Service Rd, Tech Loop, Long Loop.

Bill hiked with us until the Long Loop.  Amy, Pam, and Joelle hiked part way up Shallmo Wash with us.

Stoneman Wash, just after leaving the Pemberton:


Linda, Bill, and Nancy hiking Stoneman Wash:

Signs up for the McDowell Mountain Frenzy.  This is a portion of the Tech Loop just after “The Chunnel”. Note that the arrows are pointing against the normal flow of traffic on the trail. I noticed this at several other places as well. My guess is that, for the race, some of these trails were run “backwards”.


A tree on the Long Loop near the Pemberton Wash sign. The wash in question is actually part of lower Stoneman Wash.


Saguaros on the Long Loop.20151204-_DSC7835-Edit-medium

A view from the South Ridge of the Loop Loop:


This is the view from a short ways past “Convict’s Crossing.” (It’s listed as “Convict Corner” on the map, but I’m pretty sure that the sign says “Convict’s Crossing.”)


We noticed this unusual growth on one of the buckhorn chollas.


Linda (in front) and Nancy descending the last big hill on the Long Loop.