Marilyn, Bob, and I hiked at San Tan Mountain Regional Park.  Bob and I hiked a loop of 11.3 miles while Marilyn hiked a slightly shorter loop of 9.6 miles.

There was an equestrian event at the park while we were hiking; we saw several groups of horses along the way. This park is popular with hikers and mountain bikers too.

This is Marilyn hiking up a steep section of the Gold Mine Trail.


This is a little peak that’s accessed off the Gold Mine Trail.  We hiked up to the top of this peak in addition to doing the loop. There’s also a grave site along the way; we visited the two graves (not shown) as well.


A view from the Dynamite Trail:

20151122-_DSC6316-Edit-medium 20151122-_DSC6361-Edit-medium

There are a number of conical peaks in the area. We saw this one while hiking the Dynamite Trail.


This is the same photo as above made with Topaz Impression.


Horses on the San Tan Trail…



Another photo made (mostly) with Topaz Impression.  It blurs facial details more than I wanted. I restored some of these details by using the “detail” layer after doing a frequency separation on the base image. I masked in the some of the detail layer (and a small amount of the corresponding “blur” layer) when I wanted to restore facial details.


A mountain biker on the San Tan Trail.


These women were sweeping the trail, cleaning up the pink ribbons marking the route for the equestrians.  We were fortunate enough to see them galloping theirs horses as we hiked.