Bridge leading from Grotto to hiking trails. We hiked to the Emerald Pools.


The Virgin River had amazingly clear water.

20150601-_DSC4908-Edit-medium Maarie, looking at the way down to the Lower Emerald Pool.20150601-_DSC4950-Edit-medium Middle Emerald Pool.20150601-_DSC4959-Edit-medium

Upper Emerald Pool.

20150601-_DSC4980-Edit-mediumA view on the way down to the Lower Emerald Pool.20150601-_DSC4998-Edit-medium A small waterfall.20150601-_DSC5019-Edit-medium An interesting section of trail.20150601-_DSC5034-Edit-medium Lower Emerald Pool.20150601-_DSC5043-Edit-medium Another view of the river from the bridge crossing leading to the Lodge.20150601-_DSC5058-Edit-medium

A view from the end of the River Walk.