On Tuesday afternoon, we walked around Whispering Oaks Ranch where I used 180mm and 105mm macro lenses for the following shots.  Not all shots are “macro”, but I used a macro lens on all of them.

20140610-_DSC5225-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5228-Edit-medium 20140610-_DSC5243-Edit-medium Blackie:

20140610-_DSC5248-Edit-medium Jaydee:

20140610-_DSC5266-Edit-medium Bella:



(There is one other cat on the property too, but we didn’t see it.  Bella is very friendly.)

I had a hard time getting autofocus to work quickly enough to photograph ants and other small critters.  I “lost” on my ant subjects when it made its way onto the gravel.  I put a rock in front of it and transferred it  back to the pavement at which time it commenced grappling with one of its friends.  I used manual focus for this shot.