These are photos from the hike to and from Tower Arch.  I posted photos of Tower Arch separately.

I took this shot shortly after leaving the parking area.  If you look closely, you can see Marilyn and Marie ahead of me.

20140607-_DSC4109-Edit-medium The hike goes up a steep section of slickrock.  Fortunately, slickrock isn’t all that slick – it’s actually quite grippy with the right kind of sole.

20140607-_DSC4136-Edit-medium 20140607-_DSC4163-Edit-medium 20140607-_DSC4190-Edit-medium We saw this spotted lizard underneath a tree.

20140607-_DSC4223-Edit-medium This shot was taken from Tower Arch.  Monitor and Merrimack Buttes are visible in the far distance.

20140607-_DSC4373-Edit-medium We hiked through a narrow passage when leaving Tower Arch.

20140607-_DSC4385-Edit-medium Another view of Monitor and Merrimack Buttes in the distance.  I was at maximum zoom (70mm) for this shot.

20140607-_DSC4388-Edit-medium A look back at Tower Arch.

20140607-_DSC4391-Edit-medium Tower arch isn’t visible here, but it’s below the large white-capped tower a third of the way over from the right edge of the photo.

20140607-_DSC4403-Edit-medium Marie marches towards the Marching Men.

20140607-_DSC4418-Edit-medium 20140607-_DSC4424-Edit-medium Another shot of the Marching Men.

20140607-_DSC4445-Edit-medium 20140607-_DSC4448-Edit-medium 20140607-_DSC4475-Edit-medium Almost back to the parking area now…20140607-_DSC4496-Edit-medium