After leaving the Fountain Park on Sunday night, I parked near the Fountain Hills Community Center and took a photo of this building as well as some other nearby buildings too.

Community Center:


Approaching the Post Office:

2013-09-08-DSC08053-mediumFord Fusion:

2013-09-08-DSC08056-mediumAs I was walking around taking photos, I noticed that the colors were off when reviewing the images.  As I was walking back to the car to go home, I thought that taking a photo of the white car might work for obtaining a white setting.  I think it sort of worked for the area around the car, but I don’t think it helped for some of the trees.  I ended up white balancing off a patch of the sidewalk in most of these shots.  Usually, that result didn’t look all that good, so I’d tweak it by hand afterward.  I really need to get in the habit of bringing a grey card with me.