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Fountain Lake Waterfowl

I saw this duck and two of its friends close to where I had parked.  Amy tells me that the ducks are all Mallards except for the white ones.  She says that those are barnyard ducks / Mallard hybrids.

2013-08-18-DSC05651-medium 2013-08-18-DSC05710-medium

I then walked around the Fountain Lake looking for more birds to photograph, but did not see many until I found this one hanging out by herself.


I continued around the lake, not seeing any birds.  It turned out that many of them were gathered around this guy who was feeding them.


Good catch!

2013-08-18-DSC05795-medium Amy has identified this white bird as a Great Egret.


This one wasn’t really flying – it was just sort of hopping around.  It’s a shame that it wasn’t in better focus.  Amy says it’s a Grackle.


Amy tells me that the large bird is a Canada Goose.  The small one is a Red-winged Blackbird.


More ducks…

2013-08-18-DSC05973-medium 2013-08-18-DSC05993-medium 2013-08-18-DSC06052-medium

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