Nick, Bob, Joe, Marilyn, and I hiked the Barnhardt Trail on Sunday.

These icicles near the small cactus were a harbinger of things to come.

A view of one of the mountains in the area.

A small cactus coexisting with an agave:

A trickle of water near the waterfall:

A somewhat more impressive waterfall:

We had forgotten our hiking poles, so Joe fashioned us some poles using tree branches and agave stalks.  Marilyn fell down twice despite having two walking sticks.  Nick fell too and nearly went over the edge!

Joe, Nick, Bob, and Marilyn pose for a photo.

Icicles alongside the trail:

A view from the trail as we were heading back.  It took us longer to descend the portions of the trail covered with snow and ice than it did when we were going up.

A small pinnacle that I noticed while heading down the trail:

The trail went past and slightly above the tree at the upper right.  What I found fascinating about this spot is the large number of cacti growing out of the cliff wall.

This, in the photo below, is the same tree in the photo above, but from the other side of the tree.

Some of the other vegetation that I saw near the tree.  The cacti, agave, etc, were so dense in this area, that I had to carefully pick my way through them as I climbed back up to the trail.

The trail goes across this rock slide.  (You can’t see the trail in this photo as I’m pointing the camera up.)

A view of the Rim country off in the distance.

Marilyn took the rest of the photos, below.

Kevin, Bob, Joe, and Nick hike across the rock slide.

The four of us hiking, near the bottom left help to give a sense of the size of Barnhardt Canyon.

The snow covered trail:

Kevin sets up his tripod:

Icicles at one of the waterfalls.

Nick contemplates the view of the rim. 

Nick examines icicles: