On Tuesday of our week in Moab, we visited Arches National Park in the late afternoon.  We visited Park Avenue first and then drove to the Windows Area where we stayed until somewhat after sunset.

We stopped at a pullout just before getting to the Windows Area, where I took this photo of Turret Arch with the La Sals in the background:

Here is a view of the North and South Window, together known as The Spectacles as viewed from atop a rock just off the trail leading over to Turret Arch.

A view of Turret Arch from on or near that same rock that I got the photo above:

Shortly after climbing down off the rock from where I took these photos, I was walking around the rock when I noticed that it had four people on it.  I quickly took the photo, below.  This is perhaps my favorite photo from this visit to the area.

I took this photo from near the South Window:

As the sun got lower in the sky, I took another photo of Turret Arch.  I like the way that the smaller hole on the left glows like an eye of a Jack-O-Lantern.

The North Window, just before sunset:

Sunset, or perhaps slightly after: