Sunday Hike – Northwestern Section of AZT-21

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Friday Hike – Spur Cross to Black Mesa

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Bob, Nick, Allen, Janet, and I hiked from the Spur Cross Trailhead to the top of Black Mesa. It was an arduous hike. We started at 8:00am and hiked all day with few rests, returning to our vehicle after dark. … Continued

Sunday Hike

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Marilyn, Nick, and I did a short (4 mile) hike starting from the Cross F Trailhead. We hiked south a short ways on the Arizona Trail and returned via a service road.

An Infrared View from the Pine Creek Loop

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I took this shot using a Hoya R72 (infrared) filter on my RX100 III while hiking the Pine Creek Loop on Saturday: This is what it looks like without the filter:   Update: It was suggested to me that the … Continued

Barnhardt Trail Hike

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Bob, Nick, Marilyn, and I hiked five miles out (and five miles back) on the Barnhardt Trail on Sunday. Total ascent was over 2,000 feet. We heard, and then saw, an Arizona Black Rattlesnake. I had never seen this type … Continued

Pine Creek Loop

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I hiked the Pine Creek Loop late on Wednesday afternoon…

Sunset from the Pine Creek Loop

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Ballantine / Pine Creek Loop

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On Saturday, Marilyn and I hiked about four miles on the Pine Creek Loop and Ballantine Trails. Midway up the steep part of the Pine Creek Loop, we encountered this saguaro.  Most of it is clearly dead, but one arm … Continued

July 4 & 5 Hikes

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Bob and I hiked out to the top of Apache Leap on July 4.  On July 5, we returned to the area and approached Apache Leap from the west side.  We hiked up some old roads and eventually started following … Continued

Little Saddle Mountain Trail

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Bob, Marilyn, and I hiked the Little Saddle Mountain Trail on Sunday.  This was my second time hiking it after the Sunflower Fire of 2012.  Marilyn, Joe, and I had attempted to hike it roughly six months after the fire, … Continued

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