Four Peaks at Night

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I took this shot from my balcony earlier this evening and tone mapped it with Mantiuk ’06 Contrast Equalization (using -e 0.6).  The exposure lasted nearly 20 minutes.  It’s not as sharp as I’d like, but I don’t think I … Continued

Red Mountain and Saguaro

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I got this photo yesterday while hiking the Sunrise Trail with Nick and Marilyn. Nick had asked me, yesterday, about the “enhancements” used to create some of my photos.  The answer was highly technical, so I just said “a lot”. … Continued

Scottsdale, after Sunset, from the Sunrise Trail

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I got this shot on Saturday while hiking back on the Sunset Trail with Marilyn.  We came to an overlook area and saw the lights of Scottsdale along with a colorful, post-sunset sky.  I rested my camera on a large … Continued

Hiking the Dixie Mine Trail with Marilyn and Joe

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Joe, Marilyn, and I went out late Sunday afternoon and hiked out a ways on the Dixie Mine Trail. There were several contrails that hung around for the duration of our hike.  Here’s a photo where they seem to form … Continued

The Gossips

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Below is a photo of The Gossips in Arches National Park.  I have other edits of this photo and I may have even posted one in the past, but they all look a lot different.  The sun is behind the … Continued

Marie with a Dog on the Moab Rim Trail

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This photo was taken last June during our trip to the Moab area.  On our way up the Moab Rim Trail, we saw two dogs bounding up the hill.  In this picture, Marie has stopped to take a photo of … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Today’s hike started at the Trailhead Staging Area.  In addition to regulars, Bob, Linda, and Janet, two other hikers joined us today: Elma and Connie.  Elma and Connie told us that they do a lot of hiking at South Mountain; … Continued

A Small Hill at the Edge of the Island

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Below is another photo taken during our visit to the Island in the Sky in Canyonlands National Park.  I eventually hiked around that hill to the edge of the rim to get some other photos. This one was tone mapped … Continued

Candlestick Tower in Canyonlands National Park

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I had a rather dingy looking picture of Candlestick Tower that I took during our visit to the Moab area last June.  I decided to see what tone mapping using Mantiuk ’06 would do for it… Below is the cleaned … Continued

Red Mountain through Ocotillo Branches

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I took this photo back on July 14 just after a big storm swept had swept through the area.  I had tried editing it several times, but wasn’t happy with the results.  Today, I tone mapped the image and then … Continued

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