Funnel Arch

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On Wednesday, Marilyn, Marie, and I visited Funnel Arch. We had tried to go there several years ago, but came to a steep section, supposedly still class 3, which we weren’t certain we could down-climb. This year, we came equipped … Continued

Devil’s Garden – 2016-06-16

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Marilyn took these photos during our hike at Devil’s Garden last year.

Devil’s Garden

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Marilyn and Marie on the most difficult section while hiking the “primitive” loop in the Devil’s Garden area: I got this photo from the small canyon near Private Arch:

Navajo Arch

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I got this photo of Navajo Arch while hiking in the Devil’s Garden area (at Arches National Park) with Marilyn and Marie.  

Kevin at Grand Viewpoint, Island in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park

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Marilyn took this photo of me:

Salt Valley Overlook – Arches National Park

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Marie took these photos of me at the Salt Valley Overlook on June 5: These are a few of the photos that I took while in the area:

Sunset at Whale Rock

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Jeep Arch Hike

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On the last day of our vacation in Utah, we hiked out to Jeep Arch. The hike starts by walking through a large culvert which passes beneath some railroad tracks. Our guidebook seemed to indicate that we should hike up … Continued

Private Arch

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Kirk, my hiking companion for that stretch is descending beneath the arch.

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