Sunday Hike – Half Moon / Rock Creek Trails

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I hiked about 12 miles round trip on the Half Moon and Rock Creek Trails beginning from the Barnhardt Trailhead. Back in 2002 (or maybe 2001), I had first scouted these trails and then hiked them as part of a … Continued

Sunday Hike – Black Ridge Loop

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Marilyn, Nick, Bob, and I hiked the Black Ridge Loop on Sunday…

Sunday Hike

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Marilyn, Marie, and I hiked part of the Sunflower Trail and part of the Little Saddle Mountain Trail on Sunday.

Sunday Hike

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Photos from the Cross F area north of Sunflower…

Cross F Wildflowers

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Marilyn and I did a short hike near the Cross F Trailhead on Sunday. The area still has abundant wildflowers…

Friday Hike – Black Ridge Loop

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Nancy, Eva, Linda, Doug, and I hiked the Black Ridge Loop on Friday.  Starting from the Cross F Trailhead, this loop utilizes FR 393, a short portion (several hundred yards) of the Sunflower Trail, an old rancher trail to Brunson … Continued

Black Ridge Loop Scouting Trip

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Starting from the Cross F Trailhead yesterday, I scouted part of the Black Ridge Loop to see if it would be suitable for a hike in March.

Friday Hike – Mt Peeley Summit

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Bob, Nick, Bill, Denise, Linda, and I hiked to the top of Mt Peeley on Friday.  The ascent consists of roughly two miles of hiking on the Arizona Trail (which is the Mazatzal Divide Trail through that section) followed by … Continued

Sunday Hike

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Marilyn, Nick, and I did a short (4 mile) hike starting from the Cross F Trailhead. We hiked south a short ways on the Arizona Trail and returned via a service road.

Barnhardt Trail Hike

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Bob, Nick, Marilyn, and I hiked five miles out (and five miles back) on the Barnhardt Trail on Sunday. Total ascent was over 2,000 feet. We heard, and then saw, an Arizona Black Rattlesnake. I had never seen this type … Continued

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