Fountain After Sunset

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I wasn’t very happy with the Fattal tone mapping on my HDR Fountain photo.  I experimented with different tone mapping algorithms and parameters to those operations and eventually settled on Durand.  According to Parameters for tone mapping operators, Durand “produces … Continued

Tone Mapping in GIMP using the GEGL Operator fattal02

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GIMP 2.8.0 includes a new – well, new to me anyway – GEGL operator called fattal02.  It’s named after the lead author, Raanan Fattal, of the 2002 SIGGRAPH paper,  Gradient Domain High Dynamic Range Compression.  (The other authors are Dani … Continued

More c2g experiments

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I’ve done some more experimentation with the GEGL c2g operation in GIMP.  I started out with a slightly expanded crop of the image shown in Making Garish Images with GIMP.  I wanted to include more of the sky and some of … Continued

Making Garish Images with GIMP

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This isn’t a tutorial so much as it notes for myself regarding some of my recent experimentation in GIMP.  The resulting images are garish, but I find them oddly compelling. Here is a crop of a photo that I took … Continued

GIMP Tutorial: Using Blur, Grain Extract, and Grain Merge for Vivid Pictures

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I took the photo below while hiking at McDowell Mountain Park recently.  Kind of boring, right? Actually, that’s not quite how it looked out-of-camera.  I cropped it to show half of the flowering plant.   I thought that showing half … Continued