Sony DSC-RX100 Test Shot

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Below is a test shot using my new Sony DSC RX100.  This is at f/1.8, 1/100 sec, and ISO 125.  I had Auto DRO turned on and did only a minor amount of post-processing on it. Here is the image … Continued

Making Garish Images with GIMP

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This isn’t a tutorial so much as it notes for myself regarding some of my recent experimentation in GIMP.  The resulting images are garish, but I find them oddly compelling. Here is a crop of a photo that I took … Continued

GIMP Tutorial: Using Blur, Grain Extract, and Grain Merge for Vivid Pictures

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I took the photo below while hiking at McDowell Mountain Park recently.  Kind of boring, right? Actually, that’s not quite how it looked out-of-camera.  I cropped it to show half of the flowering plant.   I thought that showing half … Continued

Approaching Sunrise, at McDowell Mountain Park

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This photo was taken several minutes before sunrise at McDowell Mountain Park.  Once the sun actually rose, the orange glow in the clouds pretty much disappeared.

Friday Fitness Hike

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Today’s fitness hike started at the Trailhead Staging Area.  We hiked about a mile of the Pemberton to the Scenic.  We then hiked the ridgeline of the Scenic Trail and descended the big rocky hill towards the wash.  Just before … Continued

Sheep Rock

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Craigslist is awesome…

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As reported last week, Marilyn used Craigslist to help find homes for four kittens.  Today, she used it to sell the kids’ old bunk bed.  She started getting calls within five minutes of posting! The bed sold to the first … Continued

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