Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob, Mike, Linda, Sara, and I hiked a 8.25 mile loop starting from the Horse Staging Area. The morning was surprisingly cool for mid to late May. I was cold when we started and added a layer that I wore … Continued

Wednesday Night on the Shallmo Wash Trail

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Two shots from my Wednesday evening hike on Shallmo Wash, Pemberton, Scenic, Cinch, and Escondido.  These photos were taken from the Shallmo Wash Trail.

Saturday in Amsterdam

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Keith, Teri, and I wandered about Amsterdam on Saturday…

Friday Fitness Hike

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Bob, Mike, and I hiked a 9.1 mile loop: Pemberton, Lariat, Granite, Stoneman Wash, and back on Pemberton. Prior to the hike, I noticed this Wolfberry bush. The berries are starting to dry out. Look for the hare/jackrabbit at the … Continued

Wednesday Hike – Shallmo/Pemberton/Scenic/Cinch/Escondido

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These are from a quick six mile loop that I did on Wednesday evening…

Sunday Hike – Rock Creek Trail – Mazatzals

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Friday Fitness Hike

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Joe, Bob, Mike, and I hiked a portion of the Dixie Mine Trail on Friday.  

Sunday Hike – Half Moon / Rock Creek Trails

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I hiked about 12 miles round trip on the Half Moon and Rock Creek Trails beginning from the Barnhardt Trailhead. Back in 2002 (or maybe 2001), I had first scouted these trails and then hiked them as part of a … Continued

Friday Fitness Hike

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Nora, Mike, and I hiked 8.3 miles starting from the Horse Staging Area. Sunrise at the Horse Staging Area: Creosote: Buckwheat in front of buckhorn cholla: Ratany: San Filipe Dogweed: Buckhorn cholla: A view from the Pemberton Trail: Arizona Blister … Continued

Sunday Hike – Massacre Falls Loop

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Bob, Nick, and I hiked the Massacre Falls Loop on Sunday. Starting from First Water Trailhead, we hiked a loop of a little over eight miles with nearly 1300 feet of elevation gain.

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